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Not long ago, in our Blog, we were talking about worries. There's a kind of antidote to overcome the thoughts that overwhelm us and, is to indulge ourselves in a calm, cheerful attitude in life.

There is a wonderful book by J. Bev Glover, in her book she said "Don't live in fear of what will happen tomorrow, next month or next year. Take today as it is, an hour at a time if it is necessary, and do the best you can. This helps to hold on to a calm, cheerful attitude; and cheer is contagious".

Most of us are guilty of worrying all the time for things we are thinking are coming in our way, that most of the time won't happen or at least won't happen the way we imagined.

Constantly worried we miss the present, the opportunity to enjoy the now and, even the possibility to attract to us a better tomorrow.

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