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Probably, most of you, my dear readers, have often not been able to fall asleep or woke up during the night dead of worry about problems that prevent a calm and restful sleep, to wake up the next morning with clenched teeth, or with the body aching from so much turning in bed, exhausted because something worries you.

Sound familiar?

What an ugly feeling when the mind goes crazy, plotting the most horrible scenario possible in an imaginary future!

Once I read a story in Robert Collier's book, The Book of Life, about an old man who called his sons to his deathbed to give them one final piece of advice. He told them: "I had a great deal of trouble in my life. A great deal of trouble, but most of it never happened."

What a lesson! Most of the time we worry too much about things that will never happen, and that robs us our daily peace of mind.

"In general, it happens that when "the real need" arises, the" Providence" has devised some way of satisfying it."

We always keep forgetting that we live in a friendly Universe that will provide and, we continually suffer in our imaginary world with situations that will probably never happen.

It is not too late to decide to release all these imaginary preoccupations and begin to believe that everything we need will be there when the need arises.

That is a piece of excellent advice to improve our daily quality of life!.

Have a great week!

Text inspired by Bob Proctor.

Version en Español.

Off the Grid and the seagulls

Off the Grid and The Seagulls

20 x 20

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