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Indigo Shibori Throw Long Pillow
Indigo Shibori Throw Long Pillow

Indigo Shibori Throw Long Pillow

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Gorgeous pillows handmade with shibori technique.

"Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric. There is an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, and each way results in very different patterns. Each method is used to achieve a certain result, but each method is also used to work in harmony with the type of cloth used".

These accent pillows are the perfect touch for any interior decoration. Luxury at your fingertips!. There are not two equal, the pattern of each pillow is unique due to the artisan technique to dye with indigo. Fabric color could eventually fade after multiple washes. Handmade in the USA. Color may vary depending on the monitor used. Long pillow.

Material:  Cotton and Linen.

Color: Indigo.

Size: 12 H. x 27 W. approx.

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