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Your Power in your Hands

Did ever happen to you to come across in the street with some phrases that seem to be written just for you?
A few days ago, I was definitely not in the right mood exploring Valencia, Spain when I saw written on a rock of an old bridge this phrase: "El Poder de Tu Mente en Tus Manos." Signed by Soul Hill ( The power of your mind is in your hands.)
The phrase slapped me in my face, like a wake-up call.
How long I supposed to be hanging on the wrong feeling? Because, let me tell you that all the drama was just in my mind, and I had the power in my hands to change it in a heartbeat.
So often we are tempted to think we are powerless in life, and we do not realize how sharp and amazing is our mind. Even some people entirely ignore that we could change our thoughts, our interpretation of the reality, and with that change our feelings and emotions nearly instantly.
We can change the movie that we are playing over and over in our mind and create an entirely different scenario for ourselves.
I think having this power it couldn't be more fantastic. Don't you agree?

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