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Why Shōgo?

Maybe you are wondering why Shōgo is our store name.

Shōgo is a Japanese word that has many different meanings depending on the kanji used (a Japanese writing system that uses Chinese symbols). It is a masculine Japanese given name. Also, Shōgo means midday or noon and, in Buddhism, the right speech.

In 2016, I finished a beautiful abstract painting using acrylic and polyurethane which I named “Shōgo.” That painting was the actual inspiration for the name of our store; even I did not know it at that time. I loved the name “Shōgo” because noon is a very energetic hour during the day.

Our gallery is focused on energy as an inspirational source. All our artworks are created to transmit positive and high vibrational energy to improve your surroundings and benefit your entire wellbeing. So Shōgo (noon) was the perfect name for our store.

Shōgo is that time of the day filled with plenty of vibrant and powerful energy, like our creations.

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Shōgo by Alicia Falcone

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