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Velvet Buzzsaw

Tonight, Sunday evening I was watching "Velvet Buzzsaw", a drama/thriller movie (2019), directed by Dan Gilroy and, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Natalia Dyer and, John Malkovich. It's a fictional thriller where a feared critic (Jake Gyllenhaal), a greedy gallery owner ( Rene Russo) and the ambitious assistant art gallery discover by accident a huge art collection of paintings from a deceased artist. Their rapacious actions ended up with extreme consequences. 

Although this is a fictional movie, as an artist and connoisseurs of the powerful energies that every one of our creations are embedded, I can assure that behind this thriller there's an accurate true. 

If you remember, in December 2017, I wrote a Blog "Decorating with the right energy."  My Blog started asking a question: "Have you ever had the thought that every object that surrounds us is energetically vibrating? That everything is interacting with us on some level?" 

How graphic was displayed this truth in "Velvet Buzzsaw" when ambitious art dealers do whatever it takes to sell paintings created by a recently deceased artist with a tortured, mysterious life, horrific past, that ended up unleashing a string of deads.

Every object is constantly vibrating, that includes us. We are vibrating and interacting at the energy level with our environment. It is a fascinating concept to take into consideration when we decide which objects we will acquire to decorate or use in our home or office.

Properly choosing how to decorate our place with the right energy is essential for our wellbeing, health, and prosperity!

Art is especially loaded with the artist energy. His or her emotions, mood, history, spiritual evolution, ideas, believes, philosophy, the way of life and much more are interwoven into his or her work. No wonder artists consider their creations as their own kids, a mirror of themselves.

When we think about this energy interaction we can realize how important is to choose art that is vibrating in our own frequency, art that empowers us, art that transmits us positive vibe. We can not buy art because somebody tells us what to buy; because is trendy; because some art dealer or interior designer influence us to buy. 

Acquiring art is an act of deep connection with the artist and his or her creation, it's a mystical relationship with his or her energies. 

The next time you are buying art, do it totally aware that you are taking with you his or her energy and, it must be a beneficial one for you!

Version en Español: https://exploradorazen.blogspot.com/2019/03/velvet-buzzsaw.html#more


Liu - Flow. By Alicia Falcone

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