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Universal Laws - Law of Cause and Effect.

"Akeas aguas, trusheron estos lodos."

I have the opportunity to visit Caceres, a beautiful walled city in Extremadura, Spain a few days ago. Walking around Caceres city, outside the Jewish Heritage Museum there was a phrase on the wall written in an old Jewish language that reads: "Akeas aguas, trusheron estos lodos."

It called my attention and, immediately remembered that this phrase was part of the Universal Laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.

The old phrase is pointing out that the present situation is an accumulation of errors and actions coming from the past.

I questioned myself if this is a very ancient knowledge, why and when our modern civilization has forgotten it? Most of the people totally ignore this fundamental law.

Our actions and behavior are the cause of future situations; our practice is the cause and at the same time effect of future events. Many time we ask our self why this or that happened to us or why we have bad luck or good luck.

We ignore that our actions, our thoughts are continually creating, seeding our future.

"Akeas aguas, trusheron estos lodos" ( Those waters, brought these mud.)

Our ancestors knew better; it is time for us to learn the Universal Laws if we want different and better results in our lives.

Universal Law- Caceres Spain




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