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Last night I was reading Vernon Howard's book about uniqueness.
He said in his book, "Stop acting as if the other person is unique and you are commonplace. That is idol worship, which produces pain. Act as if you are unique, not from human vanity, but because it is so. You are unique. Your True Self is what is unique about you and me."

Each of us are wonderful and unique beings, with the potential to reach almost impossible goals and be happy.

Also, Howard presents a KAB method in three steps:

1- Knowledge
2- Action
3- Brightness

"Knowledge: Make it your energetic business to find out what you don't know."

"Action: Put your knowledge to work with experimentation, Self-Observation, a willingness to change what must be changed."

"Brightness: Remain cheerful and encouraged by realizing that you can go as far as you want to go."

There is no entrepreneurship with greater rewards than working constantly in ourselves, in a permanent search to achieve the awakening of our consciousness, discover our true self and its immense potential.

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