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Two opposite emotions at the same time

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Did you notice that we could not hold thoughts of fear and thoughts of gratitude at the same time? Or feelings of sadness and happiness at the same time?

Vernon Howard said: " Can we be angry and happy at the same time? Of course, not. Can we be in a mood of depression and joy ourselves? No. Is it possible to be on fire with worry and still have a pleasant day? Obviously not. Here is a great clue: See all negative feelings as pointless pain. We must see that our negative emotions are self-induced suffering."

"If things aren't going right, we need immediately a mental adjustment."

Gratitude can be summed up as a whole process of mental adjustment and attunement. If doubts and fears are our dominant thoughts, we need to flip our thinking over the opposite side immediately and, gratitude is the right tool to use most of the time. When we make a list of all the things we are grateful for in life immediately we adjust and attune our thoughts and emotions in the right way.

It is not a difficult or complicated process but it causes an immediate and beneficial effect in our life.

Dancing in the Wheel of Life

Dancing in the Wheel of Life

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