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Time Machine Sculpture

One of my passions, when I travel, is to visit antique shops and markets. There are always hidden treasures waiting to be seen, rescued and eventually repurposed.

Last year, browsing in an antique shop in Delaware, Ohio I found an old wooden pulley……. a few hours later I was in the airport with the heavy pulley in my backpack heading to Florida.

The pulley was a few months resting in my workshop while slowly in my mind it was growing the idea to build with it something related to the pass of the time. The next step was to find a pocket watch, a thin rope and materialize the concept.

I was happy with the first version of my "Time Machine", so I sent pictures to my dear friend Carmen, in Madrid, Spain, and Esperanza, in Poitiers, France. Both are great artists, and I was eager to know their opinion. My friend from Madrid told me: “I love it.” But, my friend from France said: “I don’t like it so much. Too serious, too cerebral, needs your blue man, that is your signature…”

So, I headed to my workspace to keep polishing my "Time Machine" sculpture that needed more heart and a less cerebral approach.

Once finished, I sent pictures of my sculpture again to my friends and this time their opinions were great. They loved the contrast between the rigidity of the pulley, the watch and the rest of the elements and the flexibility added by the addition of the blue man. He was hanging upside down in a hurry trying to control the time with a large old iron key (found in a Spanish market) in his hand. Apparently, the sculpture was complete.

The Time Machine sculpture represents the absurdity of most of the human beings trying to control the pass of the time, ignoring that time is, perhaps, just only a mental construction in the eternal universe of the now.

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First Time Machine version.

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