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"The World is a Book, and He Who Stays at Home Reads Only one Page."

Not so long ago I saw a pillow in a very trendy boutique in Stockholm that reads: "The World is a Book and He Who Stays at Home Reads Only one Page."

Such a smart way to see our great planet like a book. Each page offers us something new and surprising to discover... like exotic cultures, languages, smells, colors, food, traditions, even the air, and sunlight is different and, not to mention the generous and friendly people that seem to have been waiting for the occasional traveler to show him/her something new.

Lately, in Stockholm and Iceland, I could experience the midnight sun...how spectacular is to have daylight all day! India warm, exotic, spicy and full of beautiful constructions. Spain that transports the traveler to the Middle Age where knights and castles stand today strong and imponents. The Netherlands with their enchanted channels and the culture to ride bicycles everywhere. Cambodia and the extraordinary Angkor Wat. Italy, with one of the richest history and culture in Europe. Prague and Saint Charles Bridge.

It's impossible to describe the number of significant discoveries the world has to offer.

The World is waiting for us to leave our comfort zone and to move fearlessly to discover other lands and to read more pages.

Traveling is one of the most extraordinary passions in life, can you afford to miss the challenge?

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