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The Seal

Probably you just noticed that all my paintings and sculptures were inspired in some teaching, history, messages, travels, inspiring events and so on.

The Seal is not an exception; it's a painting that shows a Chinese seal over a textured yellow background.

Chinese Seals became a significant object in ancient times because seals were used to prove identity, like a kind of ID in modern times. There were very intricate and unique.

Later the seals in itself were considered a work of art. Usually, seals were made of stone, jade, wood, marble and with precious metals and stones incrustations.

Some of them contain animals figures, pictures, words or phrases. People illiterate could understand the message event not knowing how to read.

Masters engravers specialized in engraving seals; their job consisted in understanding the material they were using to carve and adapt the calligraphy accordingly to the stone they were using. Also, seals were imbued with powerful Feng Shui symbolism to bring abundance, prosperity, and longevity to his or her owner. For that reason, seals or chops were very expensive and rare.

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