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The Power Of Imagination

Yesterday, I heard Bob Proctor talking about Declaration Number 14: “My imagination is limitless. I will accomplish more in this life than I ever previously dreamed possible. I’m a no limits person. I stretch myself all the time.”

What an amazing declaration!

Most of the time we do not realize how powerful is our imagination. If we take a look around the room where we are sitting now, we can see that everything that is there before materialize it was a thought, an idea, a dream, something created or attracted by our imagination.

Imagination is “the tool” that nobody can steal from us, even in a dark and isolated prison still we can use our imagination. Imagination has no limits, it stretches continuously.

We are the only ones with the power to put a limit to our own imagination, chain it with fears, limiting ideas, prejudices and so on. Each time we say this or that is “impossible” we are restraining this powerful tool. It’s better to think in terms of difficulty but never, ever of impossibility.

It’s not a bad idea to repeat like a mantra the Declaration Number 14, till we genuinely believe it!

Let’s our imagination to be active and free and, see our wildest dreams come true.

Version en Español: https://exploradorazen.blogspot.com/2019/03/el-poder-de-la-imaginacion.html#more


The Power of Imagination

The Power Of Imagination

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 96



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  • Liliana

    The universe does not inspire you bigger dreams than what you can reach. If your dream is greater than what you think possible, use your imagination to reach them!

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