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The heirloom chairs...

As promised in a previous blog, I want to share with my followers the result of the work on my Spanish friend chairs.

All started as an idea between friends living in different countries (the USA and Spain) that decided to meet in Madrid during the month of September to upholster heirloom chairs inherited by Carmen, a friend that just moved from Madrid to Robledo de Chavela.

In no time the idea started to grow in us. It was a project that we had never done before although we are experienced artists.

I spent two months making handmade rubber stamps for the first time, familiarising with the material and the fabric paint. Finally, I traveled to Spain with the rubber stamps and, after many trials and errors we began to work.

We painted the chairs and printed the fabric. Most of the prints were memories and images from our life in Singapore. 

It was a project that took us many months of planning, carving, painting and, two overseas trips.  But it was a lot of fun, filled with anxiety, frustration, and the incredible joy to see our project done. 

Here you have, the heirloom chairs painted and upholstered using our custom-made fabric printed with handmade rubber stamps.



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  • Carmen Lamas

    It was a very wonderfull experience!

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