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The Golden Rule

The Golden rule has been preached for thousands of years, but unfortunately few people understood the spirit of this teaching.

And, what is the Golden Rule?

Substantially, we can say that the Golden Rule is, to do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you if your positions were reversed.

But, why we should be kind to others? Well, because there is an eternal law that is always operating: we reap that which we sow. Whatever we do, finally is returning to us, helping or hindering us, according to its nature.

But, the Golden Rule goes much, much further because it includes not only our action, even return to us the results of every thought that we release. The Golden Rule not only urges us to act in a kind way unto others but to think of others as we wish them to think of us.

The law upon which the Golden Rule is based begins affecting us, either for good or bad, the moment we release a thought. It is the medium through which became the master of our own destiny.

We are the maker of our own destiny. Our thoughts and acts are the tools with which we are making our destiny.

What do you think of this very interesting reflexion from "The Law Of Success" by Napoleon Hill?

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