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The Exotic Thai Dancer

From my trips around Asia, once I had the opportunity to visit a very distinctive place in Malaysia called Malacca or Melaka. A beautiful place located on the Malay Peninsula's southwest coast.
Malacca City has a colonial past well-preserved, with a beautiful architecture that includes a 16th-century, Portuguese St. Paul’s Church; the Christ Church, built by the Dutch in the 18th century and, Stadthuys, the Dutch-era town hall housing a museum of Malaccan history and ethnography.
As you can imagine is an exceptional place where many cultures left their stamp; today is inhabitant for Malay and Chinese people.
Melaka is rich in history, and their art and craft markets used to be a paradise for treasure hunters, from coins to objects rescue from old sunken ships and, much more.
It was there where I found a unique Thai wooden carved sculpture more than 50 years old.
Constructed of solid wood and covered in colorful small mirrors inlay, dancing in a very graceful position, it's a rare finding!
Sadly it's more and more difficult to find authentic old handcrafted pieces like this in Asia.
Hope you can enjoy this rare beauty, brought to you from an exotic place.

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Wooden Thai dancerWood thai wooden dancer sculptureThai wooden antique dancer details

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