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The Accurate Thinker

With no intention to bore my audience, I wanted to share again more reflexions from the book "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill, published for the first time in 1925. As you can see, soon this book will be 100 years old, the content is not only very actual but is enlightening for our everyday life.

This is the kind of book that I opened on any page and always surprised me with deep thoughts.

"We are living a great era of information and communication, no matter how remote could be happening any event we have the info quite immediately. That is why we need a wise mind to understand the importance of distinguishing between facts and mere information".

"The accurate thinker will not accept as such all that he sees or hears because much truth and many facts travel in the guise of idle gossip and news reports.
The accurate thinker deals with facts, regardless of how they affect his or her interests. Because the accurate thinker adopts a standard by which he guides himself, and he follows that standard at all the times, whether it always works to his immediate advantage, or carries him, now and then, through the fields of disadvantage."

The accurate thinker has but one standard by which he conducts himself all the time and, that requires the staunchest and most unshakable character.

Wow! What a thought!

A thinker of this nature is a person with courage, a person especially needed at times when social values decline when the end justifies the means when power and money come first when a society begins to decline. Because that kind of thinkers is the ones who are at the base of the creation of new societies. That is the kind of thinkers we should aspire to become each and every one of us in each moment of our existence. Because the raw material of a society is constituted by its citizens, that is where our leaders come from, our "accurate thinkers".

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  • Liliana Marquesini

    This reflection seems so current that it is difficult to believe that it is more than 90 years old. Food for thoughts…

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