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Shirokage Shibori / White Shadow

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In my permanent quest for new results on the design of fabrics, I stumbled on Shirokage Shibori. You must be wondering what means this strange word; it's "white shadow."

"White shadow shibori is one of the difficult shapes resist techniques. It is tough to get the balance of the shapes and sizes right, so the indigo does not bleed in from behind and ruin the perfect white background."

First, the pattern is drawn onto the cotton and then stitched and stitched... It's a very long process, time-consuming and quite painful for the fingers. Then the tread is tightened very had.

Here there two option, one is to tightly bound the fabric to a pipe/pole to resist the back and let only the raised ridges dye and, submerge the material into the indigo vat. Or, the other option is to dye the fabric using a pipette.

The idea is to leave the back of the fabric pristine white, while only the ridges of the fabric are dyed in indigo color. Not so easy, but very exciting. The moment of truth is when the dyeing process is finished, the tread is cut carefully, and the design reveals itself.

I can assure you that it is a true journey into the unknown, the cloth is washed many times and then ironed. And, any error during the process can ruin all the work of several days, weeks or months depending on the size of the fabric, such as a dirty iron with remnants of tincture from a previous job. Grrrr ... happened to me once.

Would you like to see the results of my Shirokage Shibori? I present it to you my Shirikage Shibori work.


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