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Shattered Illusions

Years ago living in Asia, when I encountered for the first time Zen Buddhism philosophy caused me a kind of shattering of illusions.
I felt like much of what I thought I knew about the world was falling around me, like a great big curtain of fog was just being lifted off, or like all the scaffolding ideas that I thought were solid and valid were crumbling down.
Zen teachings are about compassion and understanding, a forgiven way of life, a belief that all beings are intrinsically interconnected.
Whatever I do to others I’m doing to myself.
Zen inspires us to do anything with a clear intention, to live in a way that we continuously water our seeds of happiness and peace as well others around us. Zen invites us to live mindfulness, to slow down, to be present.
All the ideas to be powerful and successful, to make a lot of money to be happy, to move in a fast pace, to be more productive and save time are just illusions that are not going to make us happy. Those ideas are not good or bad, but not the real foundation of peace and happiness.
Zen way of life shattered those and other preconceived ideas. Whatever endeavor we decide is the right thing to do we should never forget to focus on the practice of peace, happiness and treating others, including ourselves, with compassion.

All these ideas inspired me to paint "Shattered Illusions."

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"Shattered Illusions"

Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 20

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