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Sensitive Beings

Years ago, I went to Nepal on a trekking trip with a humanitarian mission of volunteers from Singapore. It was a several days walks on the Annapurna trails around the Himalaya guided by Sherpas. Although it was December, the days were sunny and warm. One time, while walking with a friend, a local lady invited us to her home to have a cup of tea. Her home was a humble one. Her floors were compacted dirt; her pans were hanging from the ceiling. However, everything was so clean, shining and well organized that impacted me profoundly. It was a blessing to have a cup of tea in her house, the energy was warm and inviting. I was impressed with how this lady infused everything in her humble home with such delightful energy.

I realized that it was not about having money, or expensive stuff but to be mindful at the moment to decorate, choose and arrange our belongings, to do it in such a way to make our environment vibrate energetically in the highest frequency possible. Great lesson!

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  Katmandu Nepal

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