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"As we go through my life story, you're going to find that the word "search" is one of the paramount activities of my life. I've been searching all my life - not essentially on one subject but on many subjects...You're going to find practically in the whole history of my life that I've been searching and searching - the evolutionary search." John Fetzer. (1983)

When I was reading John Fetzer's biography I felt totally linked to his statement because my life is a permanent search and not in one aspect, but in many.

My search in life led me along winding paths that went into spirituality, health, art and much more. That constant search included many trips around the world, moving to places with different races, languages, cultures, and interests. My constant curiosity and search in life guided me without fear to very distant lands, not only physically, but also intellectually and spiritually.

Now, looking back, in my almost 60 years of age, if I can give advice is never stop looking, never stop reading, study, travel, don't get stuck, don't close doors, don't get tired, take responsibility for your lives, your health, your thoughts and emotions, study yourself, try to find your own identity, know yourself. Never stop searching.


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