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Retaliation in Kind

Happy New Year!!!!

I was thinking about how important it is to start 2019 with a positive thought; then I remembered a quote that I read in "The Law of Success" from Napoleon Hill.

"Retaliation" a word with more than one meaning.

"The Law of Retaliation.... If a person presents us with a gift we never feel satisfied until we have "retaliated" with something as good or better than that which we received. If a person speaks well of us we increase our admiration for that person, and we "retaliate" in return!
Through the principle of retaliation, we can actually convert our enemies into loyal friends..." Napoleon Hill.

What unusual way to use the word of retaliation! Don't you think so?

Retaliate in kind!

We have 365 days to practice this fantastic Law of Retaliation.

Angkor Wat Cambodia

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