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Remarkable Reality

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"Never forget this simple but remarkable reality: The more you walk toward the mountain, the more you walk away from the desert. This means you need to attend only to where you are going, not to where you are or where you have been. As long as you are headed for the mountains,  what slightest concern needs you to have for the scorched desert? The desert is not your home; the mountaintop is your dwelling place.

A tremendous gush of energy pushes you forwards, once you realize that everything you do is done for your own sake. The ordinary man does not really see this. What little work he does is done from an annoying sense of required duty, or because it satisfies his imaginary image of being a sincere seeker.  There is no energy in this; on the contrary, it is a burdensome drain of natural forces. The gush of fresh power comes from sighting that we are actually working for ourselves." Vernon Howard

What a deep reflection, work-oriented towards a goal, without stopping to think about the past, because the past does not condition us, nor to think that from the place we are in the present it is impossible to achieve the desired goals. We live in a friendly Universe that pushes us to achieve our goals. Therefore, everything we do we have to do thinking about the final destination, regardless of current or past difficulties. Energy well directed towards the final destination.



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