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Today I was thinking about what could be the most appropriate theme to share with my audience on our weekly blog.

Especially in these times when we are all shocked to a greater or lesser extent with the terrible Coronavirus pandemic that threatens the entire planet and the preventive measures that many of the countries are taking to limit contagion.

Border closings, cancellation of shows, meetings, and events, flights, etc., etc.

We have to say that to the genuine concern of the people not only for their health and that of their loved ones, is added the devastating economic consequences that all this means for all of us.

I had a hard time finding a topic that might be appropriate in these circumstances and I thought maybe the best thing would be just to share photos and curiosities from my last trip to Japan and South Korea.

Images captured around the world to help distract the mind and relax, even for a few minutes in this kind of quarantine or semi-quarantine that we have to live.

I hope you like them. Be safe.

Bryan Whitehead home

Bryan Whitehead's 150 years old house. Fujino. Japan.

Dry flowers and fruits in a market. Japan.

Ceramic shop. Japan.

Countryside. Japan.

Ceramic exhibition. Hachioji. Japan.


Modern and traditional architecture. Japan.

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