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We have been in quarantine for several days, for most of us, it has meant a very important change in our routines. Some feel confused and even lost due to the lack of those schedules to which their lives are tied. Others feel bored and even claustrophobic.

For me, who always work from my workshop, I have practically not noticed the change, I keep creating and experimenting every day. The only thing I miss is my ability to present my products to the public, the interaction with my customers. Sometimes I think I should lower my production rate before I end up dying the entire planet in indigo color.

The adaptation process is always very hard, and yet, at the moment we do not have many alternatives. We have to learn to pause our hectic lives.

We usually complain of being exhausted from living in this crazy rhythm, of not having time to do pleasant things, reading that book that gets dusty on our nightstand, repairing broken stuff, organizing our desk, all those 101 things that languish hoping that someday we will pay attention to them.

Also, quarantine allows us to recover physically, sleep a little longer, and even hopefully sit down to meditate. Without realizing it we have become addicted, yes! addicted to run to nowhere.

And without intending to, we are giving the planet a break, its waters and skies are becoming transparent again.

In the midst of an emergency, there are glimpses of changes, opportunities and, above all, valuable time to return to being ourselves.

Let us not be so afraid of change, because we do not know when we will have an opportunity like this again.

Be safe. 





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