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During my stay in Japan, I heard for the first time the word "Mottainai."

I have to say that when I knew its meaning, I was fascinated by the concept and the philosophy that it contains.

Mottainai means: "Do not waste," "Even the smallest thing has its spirit."

Of course, its meaning is impregnated with Zen Buddhism and minimalism.

Mottainai is a philosophy that extends to virtually every aspect of our life, not just the use and waste of things. But also to the austere way of life that encompasses the manner we conduct ourselves with others, talk, think and feel.

Mottainai seems a rather strange concept in today's societies where we are used to wasting food, or buying more than we need, replacing instead of repairing and so on.

Many argue that the way to save our planet is to return to this philosophy of austerity and not waste.

Perhaps today it is almost entirely utopic to think about returning to that austere way of life of our ancestors. Probably the most successful approach is to cultivate an acute and responsible awareness of recycling.

Undoubtedly, encourage recycling to its fullest, where all participate without exception, actively, is be the best way to go. Maintaining the clear vision that this planet is our only home. A planet that is continuously renewing that sprouts and blooms even in the most inhospitable corners capable of generating life and also resolving the chaos and damage we cause. And, as if that were not enough, Earth is so beautiful that it is nearly impossible to describe with words.

It's a living organism full of intelligence ... where "even the smallest thing has its spirit."

Forest at Fujino, Japan

Tea Plantation, Fujino, Japan.

 Gingko Trees, Seoul, South Korea.



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