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Lost Clarity

Many people asked me about the meaning of this painting. It is a very colorful and abstract painting that displays Chinese calligraphy that reads "Qing" that could translate as "Clarity."
It is a large painting (48 x 48), very textured acrylic paint, with the addition of aluminum paper on canvas.
The title of this painting is "Lost Clarity," represents the time of mental confusion in our lives. Times when we lose a clear vision of our path. Time of anguish, loss, sadness. But, even our loss of clarity, this artwork is an invitation to keep walking forward knowing that everything is subject to impermanence. Every situation has an end, even our time of mental turbulence.
When finally, the time of confusion end we emerge from this dark period been a different person because during the process we have gained wisdom.
Lost Clarity is a painting that carries a message of hope, no matter how painful, confusing and complicated a situation in our life could be, there is always an end to this time. Also, is a reminder that during the process we learn a lot, gain straight and wisdom.

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