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Looking for Happiness

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I wanted to share with my readers some paragraphs from a very inspiring book wrote by Vernon Howard;

"We cannot increase our basic happiness by altering exterior conditions like marriage, residency, career. Every attempt to do so only increases the sense of despair. It is the essential self that must be changed. Our level of consciousness must be raised.

Exterior changes give an illusion of newness,...but always wears off. The alternative is interior transformation."

Most of the time we imagine that if we have a better house, a better job, or find the perfect partner in life, we finally will be happy. To end up discovering that after a while, the exterior changes can not give us lasting and real happiness. Because "we need to make small but definite explorations toward self-awakening. And, realize that happiness can never be found in the mere rearrangement of exterior conditions."

"Take as truth: we have tremendous capacities for happiness which need only day-by-day development."

Awesome reflexion!

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