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Learning with the Masters - Part Two Seoul

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On November 8, at 10 am, my dear friend Cole and I had a date at Jonginamoo Gallery in the city of Seoul, South Korea. This time our challenge was to take classes "in Korean" to learn how to build "hanji" (rice paper) lamps.

The gallery is truly hidden jewelry, which not only makes lamps but also exhibits a wonderful collection of recycled wood furniture and textiles.

Its lamps are far from conventional and, the use of "Hanji" (rice paper) as the main material is handled in such a way that the result is something exceptionally beautiful, delicate, artistic and innovative.

As soon as we entered the gallery they took us to a table where all the materials we were going to use were neatly arranged. Our teacher showed us step by step in Korean what we should be doing.

First, we had to cover a metal frame with adhesive, then paste transparent synthetic paper to the frame carefully not to exceed the edges. Once this task was finished, we begin to paint all the walls of the lamp with glue and delicately cover it with "Hanji" (rice paper).

Then, we proceeded to decorate it with strips of "Hanji" (rice paper) of different texture and thickness.

After this, we went to have lunch while our lamps dried. Of course, the chosen place to have lunch was again the restaurant of our Korean friend who delighted us with her great vegan food.

When we returned to the gallery our "Hanji" (rice paper) lamps were dry and ready to take them with us.

This is how we learned some of the many secrets of constructing a Korean "Hanji" (rice paper) lamp, something of unique beauty and delicacy.

But more than many words, the images I want to show you from this gallery speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them.


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