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Indigo Shibori Fashion Collection

My fascination with the handmade approach to textiles developed over the years.

Since I was doing fine art, I always dreamed of transporting my art into a fabric that could be used around the house or wear into fashion. 

When I learned the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori and the use of Indigo dye, I went into a great journey of creativity.

Shibori involves a very slow process that could take days or weeks folding fabrics or stitching. Also, the textiles need very special treatment before and after dye. The most exciting part of the process is when the fabric will begin to unfold and reveal the pattern that has been created.

Stitching is a delicate work that moves the mind into the rhythm of a meditative stage. Sometimes to the Shibori design, I incorporate to the fabrics the use of stencils or handmade rubber stamps. 

The sand, the salt, the ocean and, the ever-changing blues of the sky are an endless source of inspiration for my designs.

I want to share with my readers our latest project of textile art: The Indigo Shibori Fashion Collection of fourteen different dresses design.

Each one unique that could be purchased at www.Etsy.com

Version en Español.

Indigo Shibori Fashion Collection

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