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In Time of Crisis

Once I read that in time of crisis the key of everything is YOU. You are the only one that can analyze the situation. You are the only one that can “Ask yourself, what is the worst that can possibly happen if I fail?”

Close scrutiny will show that most of these everyday so-called “crisis situations” are not life-or-death matters at all, but opportunities to either advance or stay where you are. As soon as we can visualize the worst scenario in any critical situation our attitude Immediately changes and we can realize that we have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Most of the time we allow ourselves to be thrown off course by a real or imaginary crisis or threats because we insist to interpret them as life-or-death situations. Instead to keep an “aggressive, goal-directed, self-determining attitude in the presence of a crisis, real or imaginary”. From Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz

“Remember, that all that who succeed in life get off a bad start. They pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive. The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis – through which they are introduced to their other selves.” Napoleon Hill

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