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"Every twenty-four hours you receive thousands of positive and negative impressions. They come from outside and within."

"Impressions flow in a constant stream; you need do nothing to invite them, and you cannot stop them. But the kind of impressions admitted to your mind made your life what it is."

"Upon reaching a certain level of psychic awareness you have the power to receive only healthy impressions, the cheery and helpful ones. If negative impressions come your way, you will be able to stop them before they penetrate to make you sad or upset. Unhealthy impressions are like thieves in the night, who steals your psychic riches, leaving you poor and exhausted. You cannot stop them from trying to enter, but you can prevent them from actually penetrating. By becoming aware of them, by exposing the thieves in the night, you destroy them."

"There are millions of beautiful impressions, and there are all for you. There are enough to make you a supremely happy man or woman. You need only exclude the unwanted impressions and welcome the happy ones." Vernon Howard.

How many times verbal attacks, cruel glances, nasty comments, destructive criticisms took us totally unaware. 

The key is to be awake, attentive to everything that comes to us and intends to penetrate our mind. It is true that we cannot keep them from coming but we can close the door by realizing their negative nature before they penetrate our mind. It is definitely a constant exercise of keeping our consciousness awake.

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