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Ralph W. Emerson's unique perspective on nature celebrates its ability to evoke a sense of joy in humans, despite their real sorrows. According to Emerson, nature reminds us that we are its creatures, and despite our impertinent griefs, we should find happiness in its presence.

Emerson believed that nature provides a precise clarity for expressing ideas and emotions, and language is most accurate when linked to the natural world. This is evident in traditional sayings, which often compare aspects of nature to convey their meaning.

Nature's ever-changing beauty is unmatched and impossible to replicate. Despite being silent spectators to this spectacle, humans rarely take the time to observe it. When we do, we are stunned by the magic dance of nature and the innocent desire to immortalize its infinite beauty arises.

From the earliest times, humans have attempted to immortalize nature's beauty through various mediums, such as cave paintings, photographs, and paintings. Although this may seem like a futile attempt, it brings immense happiness to those who try, with the childish ingenuity that some humans retain.

All of this brings me to my own experience of carving a stamp based on a photograph and using it to print fabric dyed with indigo shibori.


If you're curious about the story behind the stamp, it's a simple yet beautiful tale that nature gifted me.

While driving home with my dear friend Carmen, a Madrilenian whom I've been friends with for over two decades, we stopped at a red light. As we waited, a commotion caught my attention - hundreds of little birds perched on the electricity cable seemed to be having a discussion. They could have been planning where to spend the night or chatting about us humans stuck in our cars. Who knows? I couldn't resist capturing the moment and took a photo with my phone.

The urge to immortalize this fleeting moment arose within me, perhaps because I sensed the happiness of the moment would soon fade away. I was sitting next to my beloved friend who had flown across the ocean to see me, the day was perfect, and the symphony of little birds was enchanting. Together, we were all on the stage that the universe had set for us, and we were invited to enjoy it until the traffic light turned green.

Even in the concrete and inhospitable cities, nature always finds a way to marvel us with its beauty, reminding us that our sorrows are often insignificant.

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