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"In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows. Nature says,  he is my creature, and maugre all his impertinent griefs, he shall be glad with me.Ralph Waldo Emerson (Progress of Culture, 1867)

Ralph W. Emerson was a writer who spoke of nature in a unique way, among the thousands of contributions of nature to our physical, emotional and spiritual wealth, he mentions that thanks to it we can express ideas and emotions with precise clarity. And, when language is linked to nature, it retains its veracity, only when we move away from it can we can express erroneous and distorted ideas.

Interesting!. It is only enough to think about the traditional sayings to see how true it is because the sayings are always a comparative description of nature.

The ever-changing nature never ceases to display a grandiose and unequaled spectacle, something impossible to imitate.

We humans, silent spectators of such beauty, when we deign to observe, which happens rarely, because we wander blind and deaf around the planet, we are stunned. When we finally open the eyes of the soul, at that moment, we see the magic dance of nature, and an innocent need arises to immortalize the infinite, the beauty of Creation.

Immortalizing infinity is the attempt of humans from the earliest times, a fresco on stones inside a cavern, a painting, a photograph ... We try to steal the beauty of the universe to stay with it forever because that gives us immense happiness. Sure, it's a futile attempt, but still, we continue doing it with the childish ingenuity that some humans still retain.

Well, if you have come this far reading me, you are thinking where all this is coming from. Some time ago, I carved a stamp based on a photograph. And, I used the stamp to print a fabric that I dyed with indigo shibori.

Maybe you are interested in knowing the anecdote behind the stamp, it is a simple story, like everything that nature shows us.

We were going home in the car with my friend Carmen, an incredible Madrilenian with whom I have a friendship of more than two decades. We stopped in front of the red light. While waiting, a noise guided my gaze to a concert. There were hundreds of little birds perched on the electricity cable. They seemed to be arguing, maybe planning where they would spend the night, or perhaps they were talking about us, those humans stuck in their hermetically sealed cars and arbitrarily detained in front of a red light… God knows what they were talking about. Anyways, I could not resist taking a photo with my cell phone.

Once again, the ridiculous desire to steal the eternal moment to immortalize it was present, ... perhaps because I felt it was a moment of happiness that would dissipate in a moment... I was sitting next to my beloved friend who had crossed the ocean just to see me, the day was gorgeous and the symphony of little birds.

There we were all together on the stage that the universe had set up for us. And, I was invited to enjoy till the traffic light gave the green light.

Even in the concrete, sterile and inhospitable cities, nature passes through with its brush and marvels at us... because we suffer irrelevant sorrows.

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