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Iceland Healing Hot Waters

In every place on the planet, their locals have a love relationship with something unique or characteristic of their region. Icelandic people have a love affair with water. It could be public pools or natural hot springs or even the cold ocean.
The pools range from sophisticated and expensive places like Blue Lagoon to public pools where local people meet two a three times a week to socialize and recharge with healing energy.

I had the opportunity to dip outside Reykjavik into the long concrete rectangular hot tub man-made Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach and relax with a bunch of ladies and a few guys that were chatting in their Icelandic language, in a rainy, windy and cold afternoon.
The ritual consisted of having a shower indoor, head to the outdoor hot pool ( the water is at body temperature) and after a while walk over the imported Moroccan sand to a much more colder pool and end up into the frigid sea.
I can assure it was the most invigorating experience anyone can have, bye-bye allergies, and any aches; it was a rejuvenating treat full of healing energy.

Blue Lagoon, is a silica-rich geothermal pool close to Keflavik airport, outside Reykjavik, on the southwest part of Iceland.

Icelanders said that the Blue Lagoon waters have healing powers and it was built as a tourist attraction, during a time when there was virtually no tourism in Iceland.
Today is visited for more than two million tourists per year, so if you plan to go, book your ticket well in advance online because it's virtually impossible to find any opening to dip in Blue Lagoon at any time.
People that stop in Iceland airport for a few hours use to hire a tour to Blue Lagoon to enjoy their healing waters before taking their next flight, which I think it's a smart way to have a little taste of this fantastic country.
Blue Lagoon is a steaming aquamarine water, that looks like a vision from another realm immerse in floating clouds.

From very stylish and fancy design pools to the lava cut out pools, Iceland is a paradise for geothermal bath addicts. Of course, Iceland offers to their visitor's tons of unique attraction, spectacular waterfalls, geysers, volcanic craters, whale watching, puffins birds, and much more, depending on the season you go. I forgot to tell you that you can enjoy the geothermal hot water and frigid spring waters in the shower of your hotel room. It's not that cool?!!!

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