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Happy New Year

2018 it has been a wonderful year.

I felt so grateful for the opportunity I had to make many amazing trips that inspired me to create new styles and artworks. I had been in Rome, Milan, Turin, Lake Como, Bergamo ( Italy), Stockholm, Nacka (Sweeden), Reykjavik (Iceland), Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera,Valencia (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and again to Spain, Madrid, Robledo de Chavela, Escorial, Avila, and the Extremadura region.

In 2018, I introduced to my fine art collection, Photography; Fashion and Art (customized felt handbags) that were a total success, later Handmade printed textiles using handmade carved stamps to accent pillows, Yoga Mat Totes, and kitchen towels. Great additions for my existing collection of paintings, sculptures, and rare findings around the world. 

I wish my loyal customers, friends, and family a happy New Year, full of love, peace, and abundance.

See you next year with more creations, more trips and of course, more art!

Happy 2019!

Best Places visited 2018


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