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Internal Compass

I am aware that not everywhere today is celebrated Mother's Day, in some places was celebrated last week, another will be celebrating in October. Anyway, I think that having multiple celebrations for mother's day around the world is excellent.

Many poems, books, and quotes have been always written about mothers and their amazing qualities and, I do not think I could add anything to this literature.

I am a mother, and I know how difficult it is to express the multitude of emotions and worries that we continuously feel about our kids. Motherhood is a long journey on a road without many clear signals, and GPS does not work most of the time. But we are surrounded by all kind of "experts" that keep telling us what to do and what to avoid, with a multitude of magic formulas to apply to our off-springs.

A few years ago, I started to believe that our kids choose their parents, siblings, friends and all the people that will be in their future lives before coming to this world. So, they choose their moms having in considerations the exacts virtues and flaws they possess because those moms will provide them with the right tools and experiences in life that they will be needing in the future.

Our job as mothers is to be loyal to our nature. We were chosen based on that, our own and unique character!. That is the mom our kids need.

Of course, there's no doubt that during the journey moms and kids are going to be evolving, growing, learning, correcting mistakes and improving their character guided by love, compassion, and tolerance.

As a mom we do not need to follow any other's motherhood formula, it's not right. We have to create our own formula because each of us is equal but different; each of us has a different goal and mission in life.

We have to be loyal to our own extraordinary and unique nature and, everybody has to respect that.

I remember when I was a young and inexpert mom how painful and difficult was for me to survive the criticism, the well-intentioned given tips by people that although they loved me, they were undermining my self-confidence.

Moms feel deep in their hearts what their kids need. As moms, it's imperative to make stronger our internal compass, trust our gut feeling, allow us to grow our common sense, believe in ourselves and, listen to our inner guidance.

We are coming to this world with all the necessary knowledge; we have the wisdom. Moms!!! don't allow it to be clouded by the opinion of others. We have the most challenging work in the world, raise human beings in a society that bombard us with misleading information, criticism, undervalue and lack of appreciation. 

So, find your own path and be the best mother you can be!

Happy Mother's Day!

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