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One of the places I had the opportunity to visit in Seoul, South Korea was Ewha University.

It is a private institution only for women founded in 1886, under Emperor Gojong, by Mary F. Scranton.

It is currently one of the largest women's universities in the world and the most prestigious in South Korea.

During our visit to the university, we were able to tour the museum where several collections are exhibited, some of them permanent, such as the ceramic one. And other transitory, such as the exhibition of traditional Korean textiles and folk hats.

Around  Ewha University, there is a maze of alleys with hundreds of very elegant boutiques for women only. It should be noted that Korean women are very elegant and delicate, their clothes and designs are exquisite.

The university is not only very beautiful architecturally, but it impresses with its large size.

A place I recommend visiting in Seoul.



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