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Long - Dragon

As an artist, I get my inspiration from many sources; for example, sometimes runaway fashion shows could inspire me to create an amazing artwork. But, no doubt that traveling is one of the most enrichment sources for me.

Let me tell you what the inspiration for my painting called "Long" was.

"Long" means Dragon in Chinese and is an acrylic painting black and white, 30 x 30 that displays the word "long" in running script calligraphy.

Many years ago, while I was living in Singapore, I found myself immersed in an exceptional place with a mix of cultures, languages, religions, traditions, art and of course, an incredible amount of mythology coming from different cultures ( China, India, Tibet, Bali, Japan, and even Western traditions). Singaporean incorporated everything in a very gracious way.

It was in Singapore where I found that Dragons have a significant roll in the Oriental culture. It is possible to see dragons in their parks, buildings, shops, houses, actually: everywhere. Also, Dragons have a very significant place in Feng Shui too.

Dragons are considered as benevolent creatures with divine origins. Their appearance is a mix of many animals characteristics: the shape of the snake, tiger paws, deer antlers and, eagle talons. But despite their fierce presence, are considered a mythological animal that provides protection and guidance.

While the Chinese dragon has this benevolent and auspicious interpretation, European dragon has a very different connotation, where it is considered an aggressive fire-breathing creature.

Although there's a lot of literature about dragons, just I wanted to share with you a little of information about what was the inspiration for my painting "Long," a beautiful and intricate Chinese calligraphy.


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