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I have been very fortunate to travel all around the world several times during many decades and, always I felt a great fascination with doors.

I love to take pictures of old, broken, well ornate, traditional and even modern doors. Door constructed with wood, glass or metal; doors carved, painted or also quite deteriorated by the time and the elements. Doors forgot and abandoned, doors that nobody opens anymore.

When I see doors, my imagination is carried away thinking about the infinity stories that crossed through them. Maybe tales that started with newlywed, stories of love, anxiety, happiness, sadness, loss, reconciliation, reunion, sickness, loneliness...all kind of emotions.

Doors are like a mute witness of our lives; also doors are the gate where the energy enters each time we cross them.

Feng Shui masters pay a lot of attention to the front door, usually recommend hanging bells from the outside handle: to call abundance and prosperity; the color of the door is critical too, master recommend to paint them in red color. The first thing that Feng Shui masters study is the orientation of the front door: is the front door facing North, South? Where is the front door facing? The front door must be clean, very well illuminated and if it is possible to have a water fountain on the right side. All these measures are essential for bringing good energy into the house and benefit all their occupants with balance, abundance, happiness, prosperity, and success.

How does your front door look?

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