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Creative Journey

Maybe one of the most amazing rewards as an artist is the possibility to leave your creativity wild.

Adventure in unknown territories exploring new techniques, patterns, colors, shapes, materials and so on. Play using photos, mixings materials, carving objects, painting, sewing; there is an endless venue to walk your creativity.

Not so long ago, we organize a trip between three friends, all artists, to meet in Spain ( in a beautiful town called Robledo de Chavela, outside Madrid) with the idea to do a project together. We planned to print a unique fabric to upholder some heirloom chairs.

After long planning, we decided to handmade rubber stamps with different designs, birds, flowers, cactus, animals, etc.to print a fabric.

In the beginning, I have to confess it was a little complicated; I did not like the first carving rubber I bought, the sharp tools hurt my fingers, but it was an excellent challenge to practice with that material until I found the best carving rubber and the right carving tool.

Soon it became a fun, therapeutic activity after dinner and I ended up carving more than 50 stamps and delivered by mail to Spain, so I did not risk my tools and stamps in any airport's security check.

I am very excited about my trip to Spain next September 2018, and I can not wait to see the result of our first handmade fabric printing and upholstery...until then we will have to be patient and wait!

The creative process now is mental trying to imagine the colors, the patterns to arrange the stamps and, of course, still is pending the selection of the right paint we will be using. I will keep you posted.

Hope you like to join our creative journey full of uncertainties and give us your opinion and comments.

Handmade rubber stamps

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