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Walking in a beautiful city called Merida in Spain I saw in a tiny boutique many pictures that explain the meaning of the colors you would like to wear.

I thought, what a great idea to share with their clients the knowledge about colors!.  Colors are energy vibrating in different frequencies and make a very import influence in our mood or, just reflect our thoughts and feelings. As James Allen says in his book "As a Man Thinketh"..." The men imagine that thought can be secret, but it can not; it rapidly crystallizes into habit, and habit solidifies into circumstance." In other words, the color that you are wearing could be the materialization of your thoughts and feelings, a clear message to other people about your most inner secret world.

For example, if you like to wear violet it's a color associated to change and renovation. It's recommended to wear it when you want to feel more secure although be careful because it can make you look vain. 

If you love to wear orange, it's associated with the exotic, abundance and fun. Wear it to stimulate your creativity, but don't use it if you don't want to look frivolous.

Yellow is associated with happiness, understanding, cleverness, and optimism. Use it to stimulate your mind, but avoid it if you don't want to look opulent.

Red is associated with love, passion, sexuality, and vitality. You can wear red to improve your vital energy but avoid it if you don't want to call too much attention.

Blue it's associated with loyalty, success, dreams, and protection. Blue is excellent to lower stress, but don't wear it if you feel a little bit depress.

If you love to wear black,...wow!  it's a color associated with power, luxury, energy, mystery, and glamour. It'll highlight your personality, but if you wear all day could debilitate you.

White is associated with purity, light, peace, honesty, and truth. Wearing white you'll look elegant and distinctive. But wearing too much white could make you feel lonely.

Now... what is your favorite color to wear? 








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