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Christmas Alchemy

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful family, who are the ones who bring magic and happiness to my life, to my friends who always enrich me with their love and wisdom ... and, to that great multitude of acquaintances that I find on my way and that they give me smiles ... Congratulations ...
I invite you to practice a little mental alchemy this period of time.
Alchemy is the transformation of a less valuable substance into a more valuable one.
Here is the alchemy proposal:
Transform all thoughts of low energy vibration (worries, anxiety, scarcity, sadness, melancholy, rage, jealousy, envy, etc, etc) into thoughts of abundance.
Open wide with thoughts the doors of abundance!
Stop concentrating on what we lack to focus on abundance.
Transmute the thoughts of scarcity.
Merry Christmas!
I want to see you all overflowing with abundance in 2021 !!!!

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