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Buddha Heart

This is a large painting that was inspired by a Buddha sculpture that I brought home from one of my trips to Thailand. It is an entire hand painted Buddha face in black color over a vivid red tone.

I painted two Buddha Heart pieces, the first one was for me, and it hangs at our Ohio’s foyer apartment.

After painting that first one, I decided to do a second Buddha Heart but incorporating Chinese calligraphy, actually a poem that says: “Imagine your heart as an open lotus. From its center comes a crimson child, pure, virginal and innocent.” Text from The Tao.

You might be wondering why I did two very similar Buddha Heart paintings when all my pieces are one of a kind. The answer is straightforward, although it was tough to paint the first one, my family and friends noticed the immense amount of good energy that Buddha Heart brought to our home, so I decided to share those blessings and make it available to the public, painting another one.

So, here you have Buddha Heart, with all the powerful and vibrant energy ready to enlighten any room of your home or office. It’s a stunning work of art with a serene Buddha face, calming but invigorating. A painting that embraces in full the concept of love, compassion, and peace.

Enjoy it!

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Buddha Heart


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