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Breaking Rules

I think that some actions have extraordinary importance in our life. One of them is to question rules. Of course, some rules are there for everybody benefit, rules that help us to live in a society in harmony, rules that protect us and our property, etc. But there are other rules that nobody knows how and when were created and imposed on the people, rules that force us to act or believe in specific ways. Rules that we need to break to be released from the mental captivity, confinement, or slavery.

That was the inspiration of “Breaking Rules”, a painting with Chinese Calligraphy that screams the idea: don’t allow to anyone to impose you believes, obligations, limitations in your life or your free will.

Follow your intuition, write your own script, don’t accept to be forced into another mold or way of thinking. Question everything, don’t be afraid to walk your own distinctive pathway, because the only limit to your actions is to live without hurting anyone.


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