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Attracting Abundance

Our brain is an electronic instrument and while we are thinking our thoughts activate brain cells. Whatever kind of thought we are having, we are setting up a particular sort of vibration—and in that way, we are getting in harmony with the object we desire. There’s an infinite number of levels of vibration—called frequencies. If we want to get in tune with the thing that we desire, we need to hold the image of what we want and start to expect it.

Our body is a mass of energy vibrating at a very high speed and, the vibration of our body is dictated by the quality of thoughts that we’re thinking.

We are living in an ocean of perpetual motion, and our body is vibrating at a very high speed.

Now, let talk about the Law of Vibration. According to the Law of Vibration, we can only attract what’s in harmony with us. Everything vibrates; nothing rests. Even stones are vibrating once a day. They appear to be still until we can observe at them more closely with special equipment.

Because of this Law of Vibration, the only things we can attract into our life are the things that we are in harmonious vibration with it. As soon as we start entertaining any image in our mind, we activate cells of recognition in our brain and setting up a definite vibration. Thinking of something very sad or depressive, we’ll move us into a negative or lower vibration. Thinking of something pleasant or happy, we’ll drive us into a higher or positive vibration. 

Thinking of what we want will cause the cells of our brain to start moving into the vibration that we have to be to attract it.

We need to spend time periodically holding the image of the things we want to draw into our lives and that way get into harmonious vibration with them.

We need to question ourselves what kind of emotions we are experiencing during the day because our feelings are a conscious awareness of our vibration. Looking into our feelings, that works like a sensor, we can know if our vibration is lower or higher.

We are equipped with an awesome precision instrument to get what we want in life, just we need to learn how to use it.

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