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It's quite evident that Hong Kong is a city that could provide to any artist with tons of ideas of inspiration. Because it's a busy and vibrant place, full of traditions, colors, streets with fragrant and spicy restaurants and, located at the mouth of the Pearl River and facing the ocean, most of the territory its water.

Still, it is possible to see the traditional junk boats navigating the bay with their very distinctive design, a flat bottom sailboat that could travel long distances in the South China Sea. Now, these junk boats are only a tourist attraction, but before were a symbol of abundance and prosperity of wealthy merchants that sails around the region.

As you can imagine, these beautiful junk boats inspired me to paint "Abundance," an acrylic paint, 48 H x 36 W., heavily textured.

Abundance displays the Chinese calligraphy "fook," that is a very auspicious symbol in Feng Shui that means "luck," and a traditional Hong Kong sailboat.  The painting displays a vibrant red sunset, a blue ocean, and a serene wind pushing a junk boat loaded with abundance and goods after a long trip heading to their port of destination.

Abundance is a painting full of symbolic Feng Shui images, an artwork that could be displayed in an office, a conference room, or even in a living room of any home to bring auspicious abundance and prosperity to their residents.

"Pursuant to Feng Shui principles, placing a sailing boat in your house brings a message that everything will go smoothly which is highly favorable to businessmen or who goes on business frequently. Before, Chinese traders habitually selected the image of sailing boat for their trading logo since it stands for the wind which can help bring more trading transactions and earn good profits. Furthermore, for Chinese traders, a sailing boat has been said to be the most preferable symbol after the dragon."

Modern art but impregnated with all the Chinese traditional Feng Shui teaching. Great combination of art and good luck!!!.

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Acrylic on Canvas

36 x 48


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