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A New Beginning

Life is so generous that is always giving us the opportunity for a new beginning. As everybody says "when a door closes a window open." Just we need to trust that always beautiful things are waiting for us.

Sometimes we need a reminder to keep us is in the right and optimistic mood and, don't allow the fear and the pessimism blind us.

Those thoughts were the inspirational theme for my colorful painting "A New Beginning," an easy way to cheer me up when doubt and fear take control of my mind.

Surround yourself with meaningful art that would help you to energize your environment with good vibes, choose carefully the energy and the messages that you want in your life. Feng Shui art is a wonderful way to infuse your rooms with balance, abundance, prosperity, and harmony.

"A New Beginning"
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 48
Available at www.shogozenart.com

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