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A little bit about the artist.

About Alicia Falcone
Born in Argentina, Mendoza, November 21, 1959.
The creativity and the fresh interpretation of this minimalist art is introduced to us by Alicia Falcone, an artist who presents a blend of expertise in modern interior design with the principles of Feng Shui while adding the beauty of Chinese calligraphy throughout her canvas.
The artist tells us that living and traveling through Asia opened up her mind and allowed her to understand a new way of life, where art and tradition combine to create beauty and harmony. Alicia Falcone, born in Argentina, was a practicing attorney before relocating to Singapore and changing her profession to that of an artist and Oriental Interior Decorator.
"My artwork attempts to transport the viewer to a balanced and calm reality, a place with no planning or struggles, a peaceful retreat to meditate and recover energy," says the artist.
During her extended stay in the Orient, Alicia Falcone traveled throughout Asia, visiting small villages and joining a humanitarian mission to Nepal. In her journeys, she came in touch with mindful people and a culture that embodies a concentration at the moment with a stripping away of inessentials.
Painting was a natural channel for Alicia Falcone to express this new spiritual flash of insight. Each piece of her art is achieved through the use of acrylic painting and mixed materials creating a colorful background. Within the artwork, Chinese calligraphy offers stillness while the minimal use of detail gives the fluidity of the world endlessly changing.
The artist has a unique interpretation of Oriental art through her Western eyes in a powerful fusion where East meets West. Zen art aims to teach and to inspire, is full of meaning and spirituality.
By Georgina Marrero.
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